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Creators of the MULMI technology

Multifocused ultrasound with low mechanical index


We talk about ultrasound as an emission of mechanical vibrations over 20Khz. With Deep Slim® we have chosen to challenge this technology by creating the MULMI emission (Multifocused Ultrasound Low Mechanical Index).

A technology of non-invasive multifocused ultrasound of low frequency (range not exceeding 1Mhz) and intensity (range below 1 W/cm2).

This exclusive delivery of multifocal energy acts on a much larger area, containing multiple radiation lobes and forming a deposit of energy with a disperse focus.

One of the big advantages of the MULMI technology is that it causes mechanical effects on the hypodermic tissue in a non-thermal way, and always below the thresholds of cavitation. In this way, it develops mechanical stimulations in the tissues triggering mechanisms of cellular mechanotransduction.


Thanks to the MULMI technology, the Deep Slim® device acts by changing the cell configuration (as we can see in histological sections), due to the phenomena of mechanical stress and relaxation experienced by subcutaneous fat.

This technology simultaneously causes the connective tissue to transmit mechanical signals to and from the fibres, leading to immune, vascular and nerve responses in the the hypodermic tissue.

In this way, it is possible to treat the hypodermic tissue as a whole (fat/adipocytes and collagen/connective tissue) simultaneously with each emission.


Among the non-thermal effects associated with the action of acoustic pressure on tissue, we can highlight the interaction of the wave with the cell, more specifically with its plasma membrane and with the pressure receptors found within it (mechanoreceptors).

Similarly, as our technology has an MI (Mechanical Index) below the cavitation threshold, the following non-thermal phenomena are involved:

  • Mechanical Stimulation (compression and elongation) of the plasma membrane as a consequence of its interaction with the pressure wave.
  • Mechanotransduction mechanisms and reactions caused by the pressure changes.


Clinical communication

At Deep Slim® we are aware of the need to support our collaborators with tools that help them position our technology, unique in the market, amongst their patients.
We have developed specific materials to make belonging to the Deep Slim® universe easier than ever.

Clinical studies

At Deep Slim® we have numerous clinical studies that show how our technology has been developed to challenge the concept of body shaping as we have known it up to now.


We have collaborated with the best doctors worldwide, who certify that the Deep Slim® technology is unique in the market. We have various clinical-scientific studies that certify our technology and our innovative way of applying energy.

Collaboration with Universities

The R&D department maintains a constant relationship with the best Spanish universities specialising in physics and engineering. In this way, our technical team includes Doctors in Physics and Engineering that continuously study how to improve the Deep Slim® treatment.


Come and discover how our R&D team has created the innovative MULMI technology and how Deep Slim challenges the concept of body shaping as we have known it up to now.